TONKATSU is not traditional Japanese food, however, many men or young Japanese love TONKATSU.

INGREDIENTS -serves 1 persons-



salt and pepper for seaoning

flour for battering

egg for battering

bread crumb for battering

vegetable oil for deep-frying




1. Precook

Cut fiber of meat and season with pepper and salt.

2. Coat with flour

Coat with flour thinly on both sides.

3. Dip in eggwash

Dip in eggwash.

4. Coat with bread crumbs

Coat with bread crumbs.

5. Fly in a pan at 170 degrees

Heat oil at about 160 or 170 degrees and fly coated pork with it.

6. Turn over

Fly both sides well.

7. Drain exess oil

Drain exess oil for a while.

8. Cut into pieces

Cut meat into pieces to be able to eat it with chopsticks.

7. Serve with fresh caggage

Serve with shredded fresh caggage and TONKATSU-SOURCE.

When you can't find TONKATSU-SOURCE, soysource or ketchup must be nice!