MOCHI is sticky rice cake and SHOYU means soy-source.

SHOYU MOCHI seems to be the easiest way to eat MOCHI.
When we feel like eat something, we can eat SHOYU MOCHI in five minutes!

INGREDIENTS -serves 1 persons-


1 piece

NORI(dried laver seaweed)

1/2 sheet


1 teaspoon


1/2 teaspoon


1. Heat MOCHI in a microwave oven

Heat MOCHI in a microwave oven to be soften. It takes about from 20 to 40 seconds.

2. Heat MOCHI in a oven toaster

Heat soften MOCHI in oven toaster and starts to expand.

3. MOCHI starts to expand like baloon!

Finally MOCHI is like a baloon.

4. Make SHOYU source

Mix soy-source and sugar on a plate.

5. Soak MOCHI with the source

Soak MOCHI with the source squashing with chopsticks.

6. Soak with source completely

Soak with soy-source on both sides completely.

7. Lap with NORI

Lap MOCHI with NORI.

8. Ready to eat!

It's ready to eat now!

Japanese cooking recipe
SHOYU MOCHI is a good snack when we are a bit hungry!