History of TONKATSU

Although TONKATSU, pork cutlet, is not very traditional Japanese food,
it's very popular among young people or men as a modern Japanese dish.

TONKATSU is fried pork coated with bread crumbs,
and its roots is European cutlet, like "Cotelette" of France,
"Wiener Schnitzel" of Austria or "Cotoletta alla Milanese" of Italy!

The TONKATSU history begun a Japanese man who had inspaired by cutlet.
He has arranged cutlet for Japanese tastes and started to serve at his own restaurant.

There are some differences between Japanese TONKATSU and European cutlet.

  1. Use pork not beef
  2. Thicker piece of meat
  3. Coated with more and rough bread crumbs
  4. Not use cheese
  5. Flied with plenty oil
  6. Cut into pieces
  7. Serve with shredded fresh cabbage
  8. Serve topped with special source, TONKATSU-SOURCE

Now we've got a lot of arranged TONKATSU dishes.

  • KATSU-SAND : sandwitch of TONKATSU
  • KATSU-DON : bowl of rice and TONKATSU rapped with egg
  • KATSU-CURRY : curry and rice topped TONKATSU on

TONKATSU is still evolving in Japan even right now!