How to eat MOCHI

MOCHI is sticky rice cake, which are arranged
to various Japanese dishes especially in winter.

When MOCHI is had as snack or breakfast,
it tend to eaten simply like SHOYU-MOCHI or KINAKO-MOCHI.

In the case of lunch or dinner,
MOCHI is often used as one ingredient of a dish like UDON, NABE and so on.

If we put MOCHI into NIKOMI-UDON,
NIKOMI-UDON is suddenly changed to CHIKARA-UDON.
CHIKARA means "power" in English, so we call UDON with MOCHI "POWER UDON".
That might be because MOCHI is high-energy food and taken to give us power.

We also put MOCHI into NABE.

MOCHI is easy to melt when it cook in soap for a long time,
so it is wrapped with ABURA-AGE, deep fried thin TOFU, in case for the melt.

These days we eat MOCHI in no-traditional ways.
The other day I had MOCHI pizza at my friend's home.

It is topped tomato saurce, cheese, green pepper, sausage and basil on MOCHI.
The dish must be a collaboration between Italian and Japanese food culture!