We have a culture of KAMIDANOMI, praying to god
for things we can't control or things we give up to make an effort.

Japanese people tend to go to shrine to pray for themselves or their families or friends,
when they feel they are in the hard time.

This is the main entrance of MONDO-YAKUJIN, one of famous shrines around here.

Shrines usually have water place, MITARAISYO.
First of all, we must wash hands here.

Let's go into the main yard of the shrine.

Here is the place to pray.

We put coin into the wooden box and make noise of the bell swinging long and heavy rope,
then pray.

Sometimes we buy tools for KAMIDANOMI at shrine.
OMAMORI is one of KAMIDANOMI tools, which means "protection" in Japanese.

There are variety of OMAMORI, like for good luck,
business success, safe driving, good health, and so on,
then this is a OMAMORI for a safe delivery.

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