MATSUTAKE mashroom in autumn

MATSUTAKE is special mushroom for Japanese,
which has distinctive and pleasant flavor.

MATSUTAKE for Japanese might be portini or truffle for Italian, I guess.

As the number of MATSUTAKE is getting decreased,
the price is getting higher and higher these days.

We cook MATSUTAKE with rice and other ingredients, MATSUTAKE-GOHAN.

Japanese drizzles MATSUTAKE-GOHAN with fresh SUDACHI, Japanese citrus fruit.

MATSUTAKE also suits for CHAWANMUSHI, steamed egg hotchpotch.

Put fresh MATSUTAKE in a pot.

Add egg soup and steam.

MATSUTAKE can grow only in red pine woods in autumn and can't be cultivate.
That's why MATSUTAKE is one of most expensive foods in Japan.

松茸(マツタケ) mushrooms