MONJYA-YAKI is a local dish of Tokyo.

TSUKISHIMA is a very popular area among tourists as well as local people to eat MONJYA-YAKI.,
although there are nothing but MONJYA-YAKI restaurants.

Let's go into a MONJYA-YAKI restaurant, "MONKICHI".

MONKICHI is very famous, where many celebrity, including Brad Pitt, have come eat.

Any vegetables, meat or seafood, even junk food could be ingredients of MONJYA-YAKI
so there exists numberless of combination menus of MONJYA.

These are most popular dishes at this restaurant.

First one is "MONKICHI special", cabbage, scallop, shrimp, devilfish, pork, corn, noodles ,flour and water.

Second is Korian MONJYA, cabbage, KIMUCHI, mochi, TOFU, rice, pork, flour and water.

I'll show you how to make MONJYA-YAKI!

First of all, put oil on the hot plate.
Plates are fixed on tables, so we can cook and eat at the same table.

and spread it out.

Put only solid ingredients on the hot plate.

Cut ingredients with tools and fly them on the plate.

Build a bank in shape of doughnut.

Put liquid ingredients inside of the bank.

Mix and fly ingredients.

Now ready to eat!

We use this tool to eat, called HAGASHI.

Many people prefer the parts gotten brown.